This story continues from Chickens for Prizes………………It has been a long time coming as it is a long time between visits to Wamba, Samburu.

On our last visit,after a long day’s work, Andrew decided it was time to collect the prize. Although there was some doubt as to the initial glitter that accompanied the gift. Maybe it was not so bright and shiny now.

So, we all loaded into the car to revisit the site of the initial giving of the feathered gift. It was dark and entering into the longer hours of the evening but we were hopeful the the chicken for the pot would appear and we would be satisfied.

Alas, not to be so. When we arrived to enquire of the where-abouts of the chicken we were informed that it had escaped. This brought a rumble of laughs around the group as the fate of said chicken was already anticipated. However, we had to go just to be sure.

The caretaker was summoned, and the story was the same. “The chicken escaped.” What could we say. With a shrug and a few gentle laughs, we knew that the chicken has strayed into a pot somewhere. But I believe it was a pot that served to satisfy a need greater than our own. We returned to rice and beans that tasted oh so sweet at the end of a long day. And the true fate of that chicken will never be truly known by us but we at least are satisfied.

I can add that in a serendipitous moment at a later time and in a different village, I was gifted a chicken that went straight into our pot and was shared with much satisfaction judging by the sounds of the smacking lips and sucking fingers.

Remember, it all comes around when needed the most and not expected. Thank you to chickens everywhere who give their lives to those of us with empty stomachs.